Posters and Leaflets

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Would you be able to help us drop leaflets to raise more awareness?

West Hallam Methodist Free Foodbank had their first day on Friday 22nd May. It proved a successful day as we were able to give out a good number of food parcels to the folk who came.

Most people had seen the adverts for the foodbank on the church website, the new facebook page, spotted Westhallam or nextdoor Stanley/Stanley Common. They had also seen posters around the village outside people’s homes and on notice boards.

You, just like us, know some folk don’t use the internet or websites and we want to make sure everyone in West Hallam, Mapperley, Stanley and Stanley Common know that we are open.

Would you be able to help us drop leaflets to raise more awareness? We want to get the word out and through as many doors as possible in our local villages and community to make sure we have covered as many of our friends and neighbours as possible.Those that are house bound, self isolating and the like.

If you are able to assist and help please email

Thank you once again to all those people who so graciously gave food to the foodbank. It will all be given away to those who have been furloughed, lost their job or business or had income reduced at this amazing time in history.

No-one should go hungry.

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